Emily as a bird, before she is transformed into the Easter Rabbit.

Daimon and Emily deliver the eggs from Annwyn to the homes of the children on Earth.

Emily flying across the world to Thilameth, the city of Air, on the back of Arun, the giant eagle.

And the battle for Easter and the twin worlds rages.

Beautiful illustrations with a beautiful story of Easter to go with it. I enjoyed reading this tale to my 7 year old boy. It opened the way for a discussion about the Easter Bunny, about connecting to our land and to each other. There were battles and fairies so suitable for girls and boys. I loved it.
— R Dalby

Share the Gift of the Original Easter story.

For anyone who has ever wanted to share the original story of Easter with their children, this book will marvel and delight both the young and young at heart. 

This is the story of Emily’s quest; a tale of courage, adventure, and friendship.

  • Where does the Easter Rabbit live?
  • Is it a boy or a girl rabbit?
  • Why do we have eggs and how are they delivered to our homes?

 Find these answers and more, in Dan Sander’s vivid and dramatic re-telling based on the ancient Easter myths.

 Emily knows the Earth is in trouble. She can feel that the seasons are out of balance. She looks for answers in the human city of ancient Athens and is dragged through a portal to Earth’s Twin World, Annwyn.

 Eostra, Mother Spring, saves Emily’s life and transforms her into a snow rabbit.  Now Emily’s quest begins as she must save the Earth by restoring harmony to both worlds and embody the symbol of spring and rebirth.


Get to know Eostra's Rabbit

Receive personalised letters from Emily, Eostra's rabbit

Become a Friend of Eostra


  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"

  • Portrait

  • Format: High Gloss Hard Case Laminate

  • Premium Colour Gloss Interior Paper

  • ISBN:  978-0-9922983-0-2

  • PAGES: pp 34

  • Illustrations: Aaron Pocock

Publisher: Hawkmoth Publishing