Hey William,

My name is Emily, Eostra’s Rabbit, Queen of Spring, but in your modern times in your modern world called Earth, you might just call me the Easter Bunny.  I’m so glad you could join me in celebrating a very important time of the year, Easter.

You see Easter, as you call it now, is a time to celebrate our wonderful Earth, its trees, its plants and its waters. In the North of your world, Earth, Easter is the time of the year when we say goodbye to winter and hello to Spring. But even in the rich region of the Southern Earth, Easter is a time when we join our animal friends and celebrate Earth Rebirth.

For when we care for the land it can care for us. And we all have a job to play. My calling is to bring the power and message of that most ancient of traditions to your home. Your parents will tell me how you care for the land and each other.  It’s a special gift we can share.

But enough for now. Over the next two sunrises, from me to you I will share my adventure to get the eggs to your home.

Together we can care for the land and each other, and once again bring alive the original meaning of Easter.

Courage, Care and Connection,

Emily (Easter Bunny)