Hey William,

Easter is here! For my friends in the north of Earth, it is the death of winter and the rebirth of the Earth in Spring. For you Earth folk in the Southern Regions, the easing of the summer heat gives space to reflect on the power of our nature.

Now, I'm sure you have worked out that one big old bunny can't get to all of your homes around this big, big big world you live in. I have help from my best friends the Adros Rabbits in the Friendship Flight, flying across the land, entering through the one of the seven portals into your world. By now, you have woken to see the Eggs oF Easter to your home.

But I have a last secret to tell you. It's one of those secrets that you can tell everybody. How do I get eggs into your home, especially when it is all locked up?

Well, we Easter bunnies of the earth have a special power. We represent the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. We whisk around the world on currents of the air element, and we enter your home by transforming into one of the elements. Sometimes we become the earth element, turn into sand and shuffle under the door; sometimes we become the fire elements and flame down a chimney; sometimes we become the water element and trickle in through your tap. How cool is that?

When you eat your eggs, and share time with your friends and family this year, remember me. Remember me as the symbol of Earth rebirth, of the environment, and how we all have a part to play in caring for each other. Only when we do nothing can bad things happen. You have great power, I know it, for we are in the land and the land is in you.

I left your home only a short time ago and I was so pleased to find that you cared for the land and each other.  I heard you have Recycled.

I'm sitting back in my home, my home city called Havendel, which means City of Peace (my bunny firmed Kobi gave me this picture for you). You will see a picture of my building floating above lake Bijou (named after my bird father. If you remember Eostra Mother Spring transformed me into a rabbit so I could survive in the winter snows). How about you come and visit me one day on my home world called Annwyn (pronounced Annoon). With Zehra the fire-fairy and other Exotic friends, we could have special adventures together. But until then, I will send you the occasional letter from me to you sharing some of my adventures during the year. That way we can be friends until I visit again next Easter.

Well William, enjoy your eggs, enjoy your family and this year remember that together we can connect with and care for the land and each other.

Courage, Care and Connection,

Emily, your friend, the Easter Bunny.

My home, Havendel.

My home, Havendel.