Hey William

How are you? My fur is alive and my ears twitch with the wind. For I sit on a cloud as I write to you now.

Let me tell you a little of my world and my life, if you can spare the time. Do stay close as the wind might blow me away. She can be nasty sometimes. I know you are a big person, practically grown up. But can I say upfront, you might need your parents to help with any tricky words I might throw across the sky to your home, for I am a rabbit and rabbits are allowed to be tricky.

I live in a special world, a world of magnificence, where trees talk with their leaves, and the winds whispers words of play and power. We all hear their messages for we are connected to each other, like maple syrup, or like our family. I would like you to be connected with each other, so you too can hear the words of the winds and the buzz of the rocks, for they are sometimes wise and sometimes merry.

I have many friends, as I am sure you also do. My dear friends are the Exotic beings who are masters of the Lore of the Land. One of my friends is Zehra the fire-fairy. She has wings like pearl drops of purple silk and fiery eyes of ember stones. She gets grumpy at Easter time, for she must stay behind, for the Earth people are not ready for ones such as Zehra. There are others, like air-evles and water sprites, all of whom you will meet in time.

But my dearest friends are the Adros Rabbits. Their  rainbow fur are all the colours of the Adros crystal mountains. They love to call themselves, Emily’s Army.

I will tell your more of my many friends another time. But we must move on, for I can see the sun rising on this day, and I have much, much, much to do. Now there I go repeating myself. I do that when I get busy, busy, busy. Oops, please excuse me.

Many of you ask, what does the egg mean? I tell you true, it is the symbol of Earth rebirth in every spring. What’s that you ask, what do the colours mean? Easy, easy, easy. The colours are rich, of every hue, of the high and low, the wet and the dry of every spring. You will have eggs of yellow and eggs of green, and splashes of the rainbow in a single egg; and they are my favourite. And for you on Earth, inside the eggs are chocolate, for remembering the Earth should also be fun.

Hold on, there is a tricky part coming, with me sitting on a cloud, for which I must think. We must break through the portal from my world and into your world. The twirling and whirling of the portal makes my belly rumble. For tomorrow comes the Friendship Flight, where Emily’s Army drifts across the Earthen skies, under the power of the air-element, like ribbons of twisted silk, bestowing you the precious gift of the Eggs of Easter.

Till the rising sun of the Easter morn,

Courage, Care and Connection, 

(Eama, if you really want to get formal)