Eostra' Rabbit-Queen of Spring and the four elements

Who is Eostra's Rabbit?

Ancient Pagan legend tells the story of the earth rebirth celebration on the dawn of the vernal equinox, or spring morning.  

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, the time where the earth heals from the bitter death of winter, and restores new life to the earth.

According to legend, Eostra saved a dying earth bird and transformed her into a mighty rabbit, and bequeathed her the destiny to become the symbol of hope and fertility.

Eama (Celtic name for Emily) had to receive Eostra's lost Egg,  the only crystal element capable of controlling the four warring elements and bring new life on the dawn of the spring morn.

Emily, is not like any other rabbit.  She is the representation of the four elements

As the queen of spring, Eama (Emily) represents the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Her flamed ears are of the Fire element, her ocean eyes of the Water element, Her bushy tail of the Earth element.  And finally her red paw reminds us that she was a bird, masters of the Air element.  

In Emily all was made whole and harmonious.


Eostra's Mark

What is Eostra's Mark?

A rare and ancient gift, Esotra's mark was bestowed on beings whom she had called on in times of great need. The mark would be used as a symbol for others to know a Chosen One was in their midst, and all help should be given in aiding their quest.

When Eostra's heavenly finger touched Emily that fateful night, she left her mark, a reminder that she was the Chosen One, called to restore harmony to the Twin Worlds. 

A study of the mark will reveal the well known symbol of the pantheist spiral nested inside the crescent moon, also a powerful pagan symbol of Earth power.

And of course, the egg symbol connects the infinite cycle of the spiral and the power of the crescent moon.


Eostra's Egg- The controlling crystal of the four elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Eostra's Egg and the modern Easter Egg

In the scrolls of Hawkmoth Academy, it is known among a select few that every symbol has a controlling element. In the case of the earth-rebirth ritual, that controlling element is Eostra's Egg.  This most  powerful of crystals was crafted by the hands of the last Elemental, Eostra.  When laid in the Celestial room of Kalen-Na, the Egg has the dominion, for a short time, on the dawn of the spring morn, to harness and harmonise the unruly forces of the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This is one of the ancient artefacts that the seers of Wellwyn instruct that Emily must retrieve, through trial and worthiness, in order to restore harmony to the Twin Worlds.   

It is this symbol, the crystal representation of earth power and rebirth, that is gifted in countries around the world today. Although other traditions have absorbed the seemingly simple egg for other purposes, it is Eostra's Egg that began the journey of the original Easter, in a place known only in legends and retold by pagans on Earth, thousands of years ago. 

Eostra's Egg is still used as a symbol of harmony and rebirth each year in the modern Easter.