Legendary Beings Called Upon in Times of Darkness on the Land


Name: Emily (Eama, Formal)

Birth Place: The Burrow of the Five Trees, Near Athens, Earth

Age: 3 years

Height: Bird: 18cm; Rabbit: 125cm to head; 145cm to top of ears

Likes: Flying in the sky; Healing and helping people.

Dislikes: Bullies and water.

Special Qualities: A special connection with the land, can speak to plants and rocks.

Challenges:  Was bullied as a youngling, and so has trouble believing she, a simple Earth bird, can fulfill her destiny as the Chosen One of Eostra.

Life Goal:  To grow up and be a wise leader like her popere Bijou, then to be the symbol of rebirth and spring for the Twin Worlds.


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Name: Daimon Petridis

Birth Place: Athens, Earth

Age: 16 

Height: 165cm

Meaning of Name: Benevolent inspiration and link between gods and mortals 

Likes: Sword play and poetry, and sweet foods

Dislikes: Eating fruit, Crawling animals.

Special Qualities: Swift with a blade and the voice of an angel

Challenges:  Connecting with the land (Annwyn) and his CBlade.

Story Goal: Wants to get back home to help his master war with Sparta and take care of his mother, that is until he falls in love with the power and people on Annwyn.

Life Goal: To be a general in the Athenian army.



Name: Prince Bevan Gwyngad

Birth Place: Ibendari, Annwyn

Age: 20

Height: 210cm

Likes: Adventure, Grael sport and his sky-chariot, his Reven Blade and chewing Yala gum.

Dislikes: Confined spaces and water and studying Lore, even Earth Lore. Dislikes peasants, hard work, and responsibility.

Special Qualities & Powers: Some say his mother was touched by Enki, the Earth Elemental, bestowing Bevan with great strength.  Only moderate ThoughtControl ability but strong Earth Lore connection.

Challenges:  He doesn’t want to be King and fights with his father.

Story Goal: To be the greatest Grael sporting champion on Annwyn and stay out of Annwynian politics.

Life Goal: Marry a quiet but beautiful princess after he is too old to play Grael.



Name: Sabina Bru

Birth Place: Loric, Annwyn

Unkown Father

Age: 19

Height: 175cm

Likes: Study of all Lore, especially Crystal Lore.  Loves the water.

Dislikes: Afraid of heights, dislikes royals and slackers. Loathes sport, especially Grael.

Special Qualities: Intellectual understanding of all Lore, introverted and direct, one of the youngest academics on Annwyn.

Challenges:  While she understands the Lore, Sabina has trouble connecting to the Lore.  Also socially insecure and intolerant of others.

Story Goal: To find her purpose in life and understand how her father died.

Life Goal: To be the Master of Hawkmoth Academy once her current master Aldrick Icelander retires.


Lupita Bothan (LUPI)

Name: Lupita Bothan (Lupi)

Exotic Race: Agramond (Air-Elf)

Birth Place: Thilameth, Annwyn

Age: 80 Years

Height: 145cm (average height for an air-elf)

Likes: Outgoing, friendly, a spunky fearless go-getter.

Dislikes: Hates Fire and the Faoir; Bookish types.

Special Qualities/Powers: Wind whisperer; unusual power of the air element shaping, mesmerizing power with the Pandrien Pipes.

Challenges: Feels a stranger to her home nation, lives with extreme guilt.

Story Goal: To do something so remarkable to bring her forgiveness with her people and family.  To be accepted by her family and people again.

Life Goal: To feel at peace.



Name: Kato, last of the Fire-Tigers

Birth Place: Alaswen, Annwyn

Age: 910 years

Height: 3.1mtrs

Description: A nurturing wise woman, larger than an Earth horse.

Meaning of Name: Second born of Twins.

Likes: Serving the Melders of Eostra and caring for others

Dislikes: Water and the dark Melders, including Torek.

Special Qualities/Powers: Breathes fire from her jaws, tamer of the fire lore.

Challenges:  Fitting into small spaces.  Is the last of her kind.

Life Goal: To have her kind remembered in the tales of Annwyn, to have a life of meaning.