Relive the ancient epic fantasy: 
For young adults and adults alike, for lovers of myths, earth magic, or the natural world

  • Dimensions: 210mm x 148mm 

  • Portrait

  • Format: Paperback

  • ISBN:   978-0-9922983-1-9

  • PAGES: pp 420

  • eBook ISBN: 978-0-9922983-2-6


Publisher: Hawkmoth Publishing

 Based on early myths, the Legends of Eostra is a series of Young Adult novels and children's picture books that vividly retell the naturalist pagan tales throughout history.

The Circle of Six is the first book in the series that retell one of the earliest myths, that of the Earth rebirth, through the spring equinox ritual, which is now called by its Anglo-Saxon form, Eostra Day, or Easter.

The Circle of Six is a dramatic Epic Fantasy that provides possible answers to the questions that have remained a mystery for over two thousand years: 

  • When was the very first Easter? 
  • Where did the Easter Rabbit come from, where does she live and how does she deliver Easter to our homes? 
  • Why are they called Easter Eggs when rabbits are mammals?
  • And why do we celebrate this beautiful naturalist tradition we call Easter?


The Twin Worlds of Earth and Annwyn are in crisis: the seasons are out of balance and the worlds are dying. Their only hope is Daimon, an Athenian boy, and a small bird named Emily.

Dragged through a portal between the two worlds, Emily almost dies in the snow.  Eostra, Mother Spring, saves Emily’s life and transforms her into a snow rabbit.  Now Emily’s quest begins, and with Daimon as her protector, she must decipher the prophecy and gather The Circle of Six, beings of great power called on in times of darkness upon the land. 

An Air-Elf, a young scholar, a prince and a fire-tiger are the reluctant and final members of the Six, called upon to aid Daimon and Emily. They are now in a race against time to find the lost artefacts of Harmony and fight the forces of darkness under the sway of Gorgos, the Dark Elemental.

Do they connect with their earth magic and find their own personal power? Do they come together as one, in time to heal the land and save their peoples?

Circle of Six: Based on ancient Pagan myths, Emily’s quest is a tale of self-belief and high adventure, grief, fear and friendship.   At the center of the quest is Emily herself; doubtful, dogged and full of indomitable spirit as she attempts to triumph against the odds to complete the quest and become the symbol of Eostra.